Saturday, July 24, 2010

E.L.E.M.E.N.T.S. Opening

Thanks to everyone who came to the opening of E.L.E.M.E.N.T.S. at Main Street Art Gallery in Edwardsville last night. Thanks to Kathryn Hopkins, who curated the show, the work of all six artists invited to exhibit fits together so well, one might think we had collaborated before creating the art. If you were unable to attend the opening, the show runs through August 28, 2010.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Tin Mines and China Clay

Mining in Cornwall dates back more than 3000 years when traders from the Mediterranean, such as the ancient Romans, visited Cornwall for their tin mines and other minerals. China clay, or kaolin, was discovered in Cornwall in 1746 by William Cooksworthy who filed his patent in 1768 and established the Plymouth Porcelain Company. Originally course earthenware, the new English white porcelain was available to the wealthy who desired the look of Chinese porcelain.

Although very little tin is mined in Cornwall today, the disused mines stand as beacons to Cornwall's rich history of mining. While China clay is still mined in Cornwall, many of the clay tips that appeared as white pyramids on the horizon during WWII have since been used for building materials.  One of the largest clay pits has been transformed into Eden Project, the largest botanical biosphere gardens in the world.

Eden Project

In May 2005, Peter and I met with Dr. Jo Readman, the Director of Education at Eden Project, when I donated a copy of my research, "Handmade Paper from the Crops of Madison County," to their library. At that time, Eden Project was planning a new exhibition, "Paper Trail," focusing on plants around the globe that might be used in papermaking.

Dr. Jo Readman and Elizabeth at Eden Project's Research Library

Tin Mines and China Clay

Tin Mines and China Clay (detail during construction)

Inspired by the Cornish landscape and knowledge gained through my plein air abstract paintings of Cornwall coastlines, my latest handmade paper constructions were created with flax and abaca paper pigmented, dyed, stitched and textured in the elements of coastal paths, pebbled beaches, disused tin mines that travel deep into the earth and out under the Atlantic, china clay mines that erupt from the landscape, brightly colored fishing boats, windswept moors and the ever-changing atmosphere of the sea.

From Sea to Moors to Sea (new title)

Four of my handmade paper constructions will be on display, along with the five tidal pool paintings, at tonights opening of E.L.E.M.E.N.T.S. at Main Street Art Gallery in Edwardsville, IL from 6-8pm. The exhibition runs July 23 through August 28, 2010.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cornwall Tidal Pool Paintings at Main Street Art Gallery

For many summers, my husband, Peter, and I have returned to his birthplace - Cornwall. In the farthest western tip of the United Kingdom, Cornwall is a land of one-lane, two-way stone lined hedgerow lanes; open moors; wild ponies; herds of sheep; palm trees; wild flowers; estuaries; stone circles; iron age villages; amazing gardens; two coastlines (the English Channel and the Atlantic Ocean) and is divided from England by the River Tamar. Only a few miles apart, each coast has it own personality with its own micro-climate - warm and protected or harsh and wind-swept. Guided by ordinance survey maps, if we are not backing up our family’s very small car while nose-to-nose with a Lorry or pulling in our side mirrors to allow another car to pass, we spend much of our time on foot exploring pre-Roman paths on ancient Bodmin Moor or wandering through working fishing villages.

Peter carries his Canon 50D; and I pack my acrylic paints, watercolor paper and a sketchbook everywhere we travel. As an illustrator, my earlier paintings were often tight and exact, but in 2008, began looking at the abstract landscapes of Peter Lanyon at the Tate in St. Ives. After many small works that looked like Lanyon knock-offs, I finally began painting in two very different styles - very loose, abstracted coastlines and detailed morphs of possible tidal pools.
Cornwall Tidal Pools #1

Cornwall Tidal Pools #2

Cornwall Tidal Pools #3

Cornwall Tidal Pools #4

Cornwall Tidal Pools #5

All five of the paintings above, along with four of my handmade paper artworks, will be on display at Main Street Art Gallery in Edwardsville, IL at the E.L.E.M.E.N.T.S. show July 23 - August 28 2010.  Please join us for the opening on July 23 from 6-8pm.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Making Frames and Cutting Mats

With the opening of the E.L.E.M.E.N.T.S. show this Friday night 6-9pm at the Main Street Art Gallery in Edwardsville, I've been busy making frames, cutting mats and mounting the artwork in the frames.

I hope to post more information, but Blogspot seems to be in a tizzy today and will only allow me to upload posts in the old edit format. Not exactly sure how this will look when this is posted, but will push forward anyway!

Pat Vivod, will also be one of the six artists in the E.L.E.M.E.N.T.S. show, along with Brandon Hayes, Michele Katz-Reichlin, Robert Longyear and Joan Powell.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Invitation to E.L.E.M.E.N.T.S. Opening

You are invited to view and discuss my latest paintings and handmade paper constructions at Main Street Art Gallery in Edwardsville, IL on Friday, July 23 2010 from 6-9pm.  Inspired by the coastal paths and pebble beaches of Cornwall, UK, my paintings are morphed tidal pools that may be plant, animal or mineral.  The handmade paper constructions were inspired by stone circles, estuaries, iron age villages, disused tin mines and china clay pits that both anchor and erupt from the Cornish landscape wedged between the Atlantic Ocean, the English Channel and the River Tamar. The show will run July 23 through August 28.