Sunday, February 6, 2011

New Year - New Studio

After remodeling the kitchen last summer; sorting, purging, packing, and painting the entire kitchen and 2nd floor; reorganizing two attic storage spaces; installing 2 skylights on the second floor; refinishing the stairs; setting up a guest bedroom; and reorganizing the contents of three studios into one ... the new dry studio is FINALLY a reality.

And what a difference it makes working in a dry, warm environment in the winter. And what a winter we have had here in Edwardsville!! I am beginning to think we have returned to living in Upstate New York again. The wet papermaking studio is still in the basement and will be remodeled and reorganized when (or if) the snowy weather ever breaks. At least the first and second floors are now bright and welcoming.

Kitchen Remodel 2010

With almost everything in the studio in place, the Cornwall "Tin Mines and China Clay" series of handmade paper constructions continues. The only good thing about a frozen world outside the studio window, is that the garden does not yet beckon me to come out and play.  The same can not be said for my little dog, Dommino.


  1. Beautiful space--looking forward to seeing it in person one of these days. I marvel at your construction and organizational skills. Could use some of that talent over this way.

  2. Thanks, Pat, but I think you are far more organized than I am. Yes, we will put together a lunch when the ice finally melts.

  3. Looks great. Very bright. Wish I could install skylights or a tube light in the basement. Seems to be where Nunzio and I spend most of our M, W, F.