Thursday, April 21, 2011

Handmade Paper with Middle School Students (Part 2)

Pulling sheets of corn and abaca fiber pulp with a mould and deckle

In my classroom, the 8th grade Art 2 students at Oakville Middle School each made five or more pieces of handmade paper from the corn, abaca and cotton fiber they helped process.  When they weren't making paper at one of the four workstations, they were designing the pages for their own handmade book.

 Multiple workstations set up with pigmented abaca and cotton pulp

 Moving a freshly couched sheet of pigmented abaca and cotton paper onto second tray to be sponged

Sponging excess water through a layer of pelon "felt"

Rolling the damp paper flat with rolling pin (bottom) and couching a sheet of paper (top right)

Removing the top pellon "felt" (bottom) before moving paper to the window to dry

HMP drying on classroom window overnight with students' nametags on each sheet

Students experimenting with colored pulp

More experimenting with colored pulp

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