Sunday, January 1, 2012

Upcycled Hand-Dyed Dresses from Indonesia and Beyond Timbuktu (Part 2)

Made from the Indonesian hand-dyed dresses purchased at Beyond Timbuktu in Edwardsville, IL (described in the earlier post - Part 1), the small quilt, pillows and computer chair cover now reside at 
my daughter's condo in sunny Southwest Florida.  

Although Betsy and I discussed (texted) color choices for her guest room / office, as well as measurements for her computer chair, I was a relieved to see that the colors coordinated with her new futon and the chair cover fit. Phew!

The brown cotton polka dot fabric and the off-white flannel backing was purchased by the yard, but the turquoise blue panels and the olive green ruffles were part of the dress. Since I only used one dress, plus a bit of one sleeve, there is still more material for perhaps a couple larger solid turquoise pillows for the living room. Both the top and bottom chair covers were made with adjustable openings in the back. The bottom cover also had a drawstring to pull snugly under the seat.

My return on December 30 was sunny and mild, but January 1 has blown in from the north with grit and gusto!  Good-bye Ft. Myers Beach. Hope to see you again real soon.

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