Saturday, June 29, 2013

From the Inside Out - Felt, Paper & Textiles: Revelations of Natural Mark Making - An International Exhibition!

Elizabeth Adams-Marks, 2012
My dear friend, Pat Vivod, and I, both from Illinois, USA, were approached by the Jacoby Arts Center 
to put together a fibers show of our recent work in rust printing, eco printing and natural dyeing. After many long, but lovely planning sessions at our favorite coffee houses, diners and kitchen tables, we decided to invite a few other fiber artists who also use natural materials to join us.  
And they all said YES!

Thus, we are pleased to announce we have partnered to curate and participate in 
2014 international fibers exhibition

From the Inside Out 
Felt, Paper, Textiles: Revelations of Natural Mark Making

at the
Alton, IL, USA
August 22 - October 3, 2014

Our honored guest artists (in alphabetical order) are:

Irit Dulman - Israel

Fabienne Rey - Netherlands

Rio Wrenn - Oregon, USA 

Although Pat and I have been friends and exhibited together for many years ... 
Fabienne and Irit got together for few days in the Netherlands in 2013 ... 
and Pat has spoken to Rio many times by phone ... 
and we all communicate regularly through social media and emails ...
as a group, we have never met face-to-face. 
Yet, maybe ... someday in the future ...
we might gather in the St. Louis area, or perhaps, 
somewhere overseas!  

Elizabeth Adams-Marks, 2012
For more information about the exhibition and each individual artist, plus regular updates over the next year as the project develops, here is the link to our blog:

Please join us for the opening on August 22, 2014!!

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