Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cow Chow Inspirations

My current work, often inspired by place, is a culmination of a lifetime of collecting bits of memory, a love of family, Christian faith, and a passion for the cornfields and pastures that surround our gardens and small 1930’s home. My newest work from the 2ndhandpaper collection is both conceptual and consumer based. The work incorporates ephemera collected on trips to Cornwall, England and London while visiting my husband’s family; handmade paper processed from my garden plants; and a collection of commercial boxes and bags from our pantry.

The Old Brown Cow and Other Moosings

The second conceptual book from the "Tossed and Found" show opening April 2 at Main Street Art Gallery in Edwardsville, IL was inspired by a Cattle Chow bag given to me by my mentor and close friend, Laura Strand, Professor of Textiles at SIUE. “The Old Brown Cow and Other Moosings” is a collection of famous poems about cows, along with a series of photos taken by my husband or myself of the cows that live next door during the summers.

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  1. Congratulations on getting the blog up. I am proud of you. Look forward to seeing Tossed and Found and to being in the Elements show together with you mid summer at Main Street Gallery.