Monday, June 27, 2011

Mevagissey Feast Week 2011 Begins

Clouds that traipsed across the cliffs all morning lifted and the sun appeared for the opening of Feast Week in Mevagissey with fishing boat races beyond the quay; a fresh catch of sea food displayed on ice; pints of favorite beverages; hot pasties or fish and chips sold from shop front windows; the Fish Parade of children and adults carrying paper fish and sea creatures high on sticks while marching through the village to drums; flower arranging contests at the church; music and dancing to 50's and 60's rock-n-roll on the quay in the afternoon moving on through the decades as the festivities progressed; face painting to please the littlest mermaid - and piskies! What is a feast in Cornwall without Cornish piskies??!!

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