Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Quest for Doc Martin - Part 2

The set of "Port Wenn's Cobbler" in Port Isaac
Young actresses waiting for the next scene
At the close of the blog post, The Quest for Doc Martin - Part 1, lunch was finished and the cast was moving along the streets of Port Isaac, Cornwall onto the set of the "Port Wenn Cobbler" for Series 5. A pram containing a lovely baby "doll" was strategically parked outside the cobbler's door as the director blocked in the scene with the extras. While waiting, I noticed textiles in the window of the small shop next door to the set which pulled me away from the activities.  When I finally emerged without purchasing the lime green wool jumper that fit perfectly, Peter nodded towards a man sitting with his ruck sack a few feet from the shop door. It was Ian McNeice, better known as Bert, who was talking to a woman and signing an autograph. With a little encouragement from my husband, I grabbed a pen and postcard from by backpack before gingerly approaching. Taking a deep breath, I asked if I might have his autograph for my friend, Pat Vivod, who is a big fan in the States. 

Ian McNeice (Bert on the show) signing his autograph
Having the scarf in my hand, I quickly explained why we were visiting Port Isaac - to take photos of the scarf which had been created by my friend who is a textile artist - not realizing the crew was actually filming until we arrived. What a lovely man! Not only did he sign his autograph, he wrote a comment about the scarf before asking if there was a camera somewhere in the crowd that was now loosely gathering. I pointed to Peter; and Mr. McNeice took it from there. 

Hi Pat, Lovely scarf!!!

What a sweet man! He and I shook hands just as he was called to act in the next scene, leaving his rucksack tucked carefully behind the stone where he had been sitting.  As more people stopped to watch the filming, Peter and I climbed up a few steps of the garden wall across the street just as Martin Clunes arrived. 

Martin Clunes as Doc Martin

Although we would have liked to have stayed longer, dark clouds loomed on the horizon. The mizzle set in before we reached the car, blending the sea and sky together, bringing our Doc Martin quest in Port Isaac to a close.

But we could not leave the west of Cornwall without a visit to St. Wenn. We don't know if the creators of Doc Martin were inspired by the name of this little town, but we chose to take one more photo, just in case.  Thanks for inspiring our journey, Ms. Vivod. I have a little something tucked away in my backpack with your name on it!


  1. OMG OMG OMG!!!
    I can't believe you did that. What a wonderful surprise. I just loaded Feedjit on my blog and was wondering about the visitors from across the pond. Can't wait to show this to my sister--another big fan of Doc Martin. Bert's one of my favs. Thank you so much and can't wait for my little something!

  2. We love Doc Martin as well here in San Diego. All of the characters are done so well. They are all so PREDICTABLE. The cop, pharmacist, Bert & Al, the "practice manager",Edith, Aunt Joan, Louisa and the "Doc". What a group of characters! Can't wait to see Series 5 and hope that they decide to continue the series beyond that. The yanks across the pond are greatly enjoying it!