Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mid-Summer's Eve in Cornwall

The sun has returned to the West Country just in time for the longest day of the year!  When we drove through walls of mizzle and rain laden clouds sweeping across the moors past Stonehenge yesterday on our journey from Sussex to Cornwall, we thought the sun may never shine again.

But today as we carefully made our way on foot through the very narrow lanes of Mevagissey, we greatly appreciated the sun's rays warming our backs as we watched the fishing boats returning with their morning's catch. Peter's younger sister Jo and her husband Paul live on School Hill above the village;  while older sister Wendy and her husband Michael who live in West Sussex also own one of the stone cottages in the photo below overlooking Mevagissey's quay.

Foot path to Wendy and Michael's cottage (left)
View from Wendy and Michael's Cottage

This zig-zag series of roof tops cover the boat workshop tucked into the edge of the sea wall - one of my favorite views from the cliff path. From here one can see the light house, Chapel Point and the English Channel beyond the outer walls of Meva's quay. 

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  1. The house and gardens are wonderful, spectacular even! Looks like a good time was had by all.... thanks for sharing! ~Nancy